Feelinggoodyou aka Superfragicagilistic, Great, Pure, Righteous, High, Soaring Spirits is a spirit-based health and fitness program designed for people at all levels who would like to know how to get healthy without having to go to a gym or spend a whole lot of money on a diet program. With just a simple mat we will do 80% of our exercise program so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. We will start with the simplest of remedies and exercises for Joe Six Pack, and Jo Chardonnay and slowly make our way up the mountain for those who are interested in elite fitness. It won’t be long for you to be feeling good and looking good!

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The World’s Laziest Workout for Your Body and Mind!

In this short story Feeling Good You it’s very important for the author to get you feeling good right away! So he tells a story, and provides a simple step by step process along with a guide that teaches you a curious method right away! Once you are feeling good, he talks about losing weight and feeling great! Cheers!

The author simplifies losing weight and leaves out all the long nutritional words like blood glucose, insulin, fat oxidation, norepinephrine, epinephrine, growth hormone, inflammation and cellular cleansing. And just tells you what to do to get the best results. He talks a little about nutrition too.

He shares with you his secrets to effective exercise, and he recommends moderate exercise in a way that makes you feel good and gives you more energy. It's very light exercise, and it is sometimes referred to as the World’s Laziest Workout! Notably, it's a method that elite athletes can use to help them improve too!

The author explores things like brain waves and neuroscience, and discusses why it’s important to get your mind in the best state for optimal performance.

Finally, if you're paying attention he will show you how to use a lot of these principles to make more money too! Money feels good too!!!

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About the Author

Jim Ringers,

Store Owner

I was born in NY, NY. I grew up in Connecticut outside of New York. I’ve always been an exercise enthusiast, and when the teachers would let us out for recess, I would run to the door usually screaming “recess” at the top of my lungs. We usually played kickball. That was our game.

Now, almost fifty years later I’m trying to share a message with “the people”. It’s a message about feeling good. I made more than a few mistakes in my life. One particular mistake I made took less than a second. I’ve been blessed many times in less then a second too, so I consider myself lucky🍀.

I enjoy reading and listening to stories.

In my short story Feeling Good You I’m trying to plant a seed. In order to help the seed grow, you need to take action. I’ve actually planted a few seeds, and given you an opportunity and the direction to grow the seeds. Everything you need to feel good, and get off the ground and start flying like an eagle is in this book. 

The author runs an Airport Limousine service in Atlanta Ga, and sells Leisure Lawns and Putting Greens as a side hustle, living the dream job. He wants to show you how to live your dream too. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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