Feelinggoodyou aka Superfragicagilistic, Great, Pure, Righteous, High, Soaring Spirits is a spirit-based health and fitness program designed for people at all levels who would like to know how to get healthy without having to go to a gym or spend a whole lot of money on a diet program. With just a simple mat we will do 80% of our exercise program so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. We will start with the simplest of remedies and exercises for Joe Six Pack, and Jo Chardonnay and slowly make our way up the mountain for those who are interested in elite fitness. It won’t be long for you to be feeling good and looking good!

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Why Feeling Good You, Is All About You

When Feeling Good You began it was all about me. At the time Feeling Good You started, I was an indoctrinated, agnostic, college kid enjoying a summer vacation at the beach drinking Pina Coladas! In a moment of boredom, I decided to be the life of the party, and dove off a pier into the ocean. Unfortunately, the water was not that deep and when my head hit the sand I ended up fracturing my neck. When I was unable to swim to the surface I instantly and very clearly had a deep belief in the Almighty, and I cried out to God!... Help me!....

The very next instant I heard a splash of water behind me. A highly skilled lifeguard lifted me from the back and secured my neck like a vise. The paramedics then secured me on a stretcher, and flew me off to a local hospital. My life would never be the same. I was paralyzed from the waist down, and had trouble with all my extremities. My left hand was very weak and even my fingers lost a lot of their strength and dexterity. In a relatively short period of time, thankfully I was able to take my first steps. Then I started my long road to recovery.

The reason I tell you this story is so that you know wherever you are starting from, you can feel good and look good too!!! And it’s not about using a whole lot of effort, but rather taking a few simple steps in the right direction. I've already taken all the wrong steps in the wrong direction which took a ton of effort. I got you. You can look good, feel good, lose weight and feel great. I’ve been told my story is inspiring. To be honest with you, I’m really not into inspiring people, nor do I tell my story to inspire you. I want to teach you how to look good and feel good for the least amount of money, time, and effort! What took me thirty years to learn; I think I can show you a fair share in my 10 minute Free Guide, that lays out the framework of what, and how I am going to teach you to feel good. To be honest, I'd rather not tell you my story, it's sort of a downer. But I do have hope that someone may benefit from my story. And when I discovered this framework I felt that it was a gift, and I wanted to share it with others. If you read my story and say you're inspired, but never go out and do anything to at least look good and feel good I feel as if I have failed. With my free guide you can take instant action. https://access.feelinggoodyou.com/free-guide

During my recovery I took an interest in weight training, and I was certified from the NSCA as a personal trainer. After learning the benefits of exercise I moved on to martial arts, and earned a black belt after about 15 years of training. Having so many physical disadvantages or handicaps as a martial artist forced me to find ways to improve. I worked on my flexibility, balance, coordination, hand strength, breathing, and whatever else I could think of? I felt my body getting better as a martial artist, and although I recognized the risk of injury I could see and feel my body getting stronger and more coordinated bit by bit, but there was always an underlying bit of weakness and lack of coordination that I would never regain. Seeing and feeling the healing benefits of the martial arts prompted me to take an interest in the origins of martial arts, and I began reading and studying Qigong and Yoga. In some ways I feel I have taken my thirty years of recovery, taken the best and wrapped it into a simple ten minute guide.

There is more for you though, and that is why I have my book available too!

The book teaches people the fundamentals of exercise, and talks about other modalities that have been around for thousands of years that can help us look good and feel good. I'm doing this because my journey showed me things that an ordinary person may not discover about exercise. I look at exercise from a different perspective, most importantly, I teach people to feel good through exercise. I feel if I can show people how to feel good through exercise it can change their life for the better. I'm doing this because I feel it's a calling. So many people out there struggle with weight loss and with understanding the basic principles of exercise. I want to show them how easy and enjoyable this lifestyle can be. I don’t leave any stones uncovered. I discuss music, brain waves, fasting, meditation and more….

This is important to me because I believe that feeling good is the cornerstone to everything in your life. No matter who you are or what you do, if you feel good you will be a better you! Teaching people how to feel good can change the world! I want to optimize your time, your energy and even your nutrition. I want you to get the biggest bang for your buck! I will also touch upon other modalities that affect your mood and I will dive into some of the science behind this stuff.

I want you to feel good and look good, but in many ways I want to show you how to climb the mountain, and metaphorically speaking to soar like an eagle.

This is why Feeling Good You is all about you!

I went on a long journey to find health and fitness.

You can benefit from my long journey!!!

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